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Although I have been involved with Litho and Screen printing for many years in my Graphics Career, it is the creative and even inventive aspect of print that attracts me. In 2015 I experimented for many months and used a great deal of paper, ink and acrylic medium until I felt just about satisfied enough with the result of my transfer prints to show them to one or two friends (Print Gallery, Titles H.R. 1917 Ref: P211 and A.B.(M) 1917 Ref: P212). A work in progress is no. P219 Ref: P220). But that is just the beginning. I found that the combination of drawing, carving and printing gives me a new way of creating work. In this way I can express my ideas and simultaneously explore the new medium. The Lino rubbing with charcoal also showed me a new style of drawing (Paintings and drawings Gallery, Titles M1931 (ii) Ref: PD254 and S1931(i) Ref: PD256).

When I set myself to do more work, it will continue from here.